Thursday, 29 May 2014

Shark Alley

Alpha Dive Centre

Scuba Dive Cape Town with Alpha Dive Centre Cape Town

Shark Alley

Scuba Diving Cape Town with  Alpha Dive Centre I went to their you tube channel and saw they made this video of Shark Alley, I have to admit that I am considering them much more now than before for training to become a diver, They just have that professional touch that I like and admire. I am sure that you will have to go far to get that type of professionalism.

I also saw on their web site that they have numerous outings, trips and dive safaris that they arrange throughout the year. When it is really cold in Cape Town for any Scuba Diving in Cape Town they head for the Red Sea and have a live aboard safari where they have a couple of days forgetting about Cape Town's baby weather.

What I admire most is the amount of courses they have available and they are always ready to talk and encourage anyone to do their best.

I personally will give them a try. 

P.S. Keep up to date and let’s see where this will take me.

Anyone can contact Alpha Dive Centre   

PhoneStrand +27218543150/1,
Tyger Waterfront +27219143957,
Mobile +27829009163